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GRH provides a free ride home for registered commuters who ride in a carpool or vanpool, take transit, bike or walk to work at least twice a week. In the event of an unexpected emergency or unscheduled overtime, GRH will arrange for a free taxi ride, a free transit ride, or even a free rental car up to four times each year to get you home. Call 1-800-745-RIDE (7433) for info or sign-up at

What Is Commuter Choice?

Commuter Choice Maryland is an incentive program that encourages Maryland employees to choose transit or vanpools instead of driving to work.  By not driving, you can save thousands of dollars per year…extra money that you can use for mortgage payments, college tuitions, vacations, or anything you want.

Commuter Choice offers employers monthly pass distribution options which encourage employees to ride Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) Local Bus, Commuter Bus, Light Rail, Metro Subway, and MARC Train FOR LESS THAN FULL FARE, saving you money on your commute.  Employers are also rewarded with special federal and state tax deductions, state tax credits, and savings on certain payroll taxes.  You also get your MTA monthly pass conveniently at work saving you time.  This all adds up to an outstanding transportation fringe benefits package for you and your boss.

An employer must have at least 20 employees signed up to be in the formal Commuter Choice Maryland program.  Employers with less than 20 employees signed up can still offer commuter benefits to employees by purchasing passes and vouchers from and offering the fare media to employees using any one of three qualified distribution options.

The program is not an Internal Revenue Code Section 125 “cafeteria plan.”  It is instead under Section 132f, which does not require elaborate recordkeeping or report writing.  No cash reimbursements are allowed under this program.  (It is a violation of federal law to do so).

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